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With an increased focus on new, large-scale, off -campus housing projects, the student housing market has become flush with new bedrooms in amenity-rich, mega-communities. After two decades of developing, capitalizing and investing in many of these large-scale student housing communities across the country, the Principals of Alpha Bama noticed a prevalent void in the sector. Concentrating on a smaller section of the market, where the aim is to provide an unsurpassed level of service and commitment to the student tenants, Alpha Bama differentiates itself from most other off-campus rental properties.

While myriad students flourish in these dorm-like 600 plus bedroom communities, many prefer a smaller, quieter experience that is more personal. Off campus rental housing in both single-family and multi-family dwellings provides the age-old housing substitute; unfortunately, at many large schools such as the University of Alabama, these properties, which are generally the most convenient and proximate to campus, are often the most coveted. However, they also tend to be some of the oldest structures where the carpet may be older than the tenants residing within. Add to that the 2- and 3-tenant restrictions within the abundant historic neighborhoods and overlays surrounding campus and quality housing choices can be limited in Tuscaloosa.

Alpha Bama Properties’ goal is to provide a personal housing alternative in a boutique setting that is not only proximate to campus and the surrounding amenities, but is well appointed and properly maintained. Moreover, the company wants to deliver a housing experience, not just a bedroom. At Alpha Bama Properties, tenants move into a clean, well maintained property that is nicely appointed inside and out. Thereafter, the objective is to keep the property that way. Maintenance issues, which are sure to arise at any property, are addressed immediately. Tenants will find Alpha Bama properties are not only among the nicest properties around campus, they are maintained that way.

Tenant questions or concerns aren’t turned over to hourly employees of a publicly-traded company or some third-party management company. At Alpha Bama, tenants communicate with the owners who see the landlord-tenant relationship as a partnership and as a two-way street…the tenants that want to live in an Alpha Bama property recognize and appreciate the quality and care they experience and they treat the property with respect, as if it were theirs. Tenants are not treated like a commodity or “just another rent check.” The owner respects and cares for the property and the concerns and welfare of the student tenants, its customers. What is generally experienced when that happens is that the tenant reciprocates.

At Alpha Bama, a tenant’s relationship with the owner is not over once the lease is signed and the school year starts…it’s only just beginning. The Principals of Alpha Bama and its investors are parents themselves, having college students at Bama and other schools across the country. The intent of the company is to treat its tenants the same way they would want a landlord to treat their own children, who are after all student tenants themselves. Alpha Bama strives to retain a productive relationship with its tenants and deliver a positive, safe, fun, clean and healthy housing experience. How does it do that? Ask a current tenant and see what they tell you about Alpha Bama!

Jonathan S. Wood

Mr. Wood is co-founder and owner of Alpha Bama (Alpha Bama Properties, Alpha Bama Campus, and Alpha Bama Investors).

Formerly, Mr. Wood served as Senior Vice President of Edwards Communities Development Company, a real estate company focused on national student housing, mixed-use and conventional multi-family communities. In this role, Mr. Wood’s activities included site selection, land assemblage and acquisition, obtaining development entitlements, and collaborating with engineers, architects and contractors to bring to completion the company’s real estate projects. Mr. Wood also served as the Vice President of Finance/Capital Markets for Edwards Companies, the real estate holding company of the Edwards family, and was primarily responsible for capitalizing the real estate activities of the enterprise, including debt, equity, strategic joint ventures, and dispositions while procuring financial and development incentives for the company and its projects.

Prior to joining Edwards, Mr. Wood was an Executive Director with Paragon Companies, a full-service real estate development company based in Indianapolis. While at Paragon, Mr. Wood directed financing activities and handled capital procurement, portfolio management, acquisition and disposition functions for the firm and its Private Equity Funds, which focused predominantly on office, retail and medical office properties in the Midwest United States.

Mr. Wood joined Paragon after a nine-year career as a senior Director in the Indianapolis office of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler LP (NYSE: HF) where he provided real estate capital intermediation and disposition services on behalf of his developer/investor clients. With a specialization in student housing since 1998, Mr. Wood has over 20 years of experience in the real estate capital marketplace. Over this time period, Mr. Wood has completed in excess of $3.5 billion in multi-family and commercial real estate transactions.

Andrew Bratt

Mr. Bratt co-founder and owner of Alpha Bama (Alpha Bama Properties, Alpha Bama Campus, and Alpha Bama Investors).

Mr. Bratt has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate finance and institutional debt and equity placements having originated over $1 billion in debt and equity since Pace’s inception in 2001 and helping Pace Financial Group to the top of the list of mortgage originators in the Columbus, Ohio market. He began his real estate career at Cline Realtors in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1994. From 1996-1998, he worked for Vista Capital, focusing on taxable bond placements in the Toledo, Ohio market. Prior to becoming a co-founder and Principal of Pace in 2001, Andy handled loan originations for Capstone Realty Advisors in the Columbus, Ohio office.

Most recently, in addition to debt placement, Andy has consulted with medium sized private real estate investment portfolios in their efforts to raise capital for growth and has provided acquisition analysis and due diligence for these select clients.

Alpha Bama Properties

Our philosophy is simple. We believe if you are paying for “top-of-the-market” housing accommodations, that’s what you should get. The property AND your landlord’s service and accountability should reflect that.



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We just got to the house! Wow! Wish I was living here. This is beautiful!

Testimonial Fayne S
Fayne S
Mother of Tenant

This is awesome. You really are a great landlord. I know of others from when I was at Bama. They aren’t fun! Wish we had you next year!

Testimonial Peggy P
Peggy P
Mother of Tenant

Just wanted to tell you that your extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed. My daughter called to compliment how well the landscaping and property looks.

Testimonial Kim P
Kim P
Mother of Tenant